Thursday, July 14, 2011

Right Out Loud!

My vinyl-themed short story, JANGLE is now available on Audio/MP3 at!

I love the whole lore and history of vinyl records so much I've written several short stories featuring a vinyl record shop owner named Session Seabolt.  The first story ran in Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine a while back and now it's been reissued on audio at  The story is called "Jangle" and it's published under my pseudonym Brynn Bonner.  

The record that's featured in this mystery is "The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan" which has been one of the most coveted (and costly) collectible records of the rock world since vinyl records became collectors' items. The short story tells why!

SnipLits is free to join and if you love short fiction as much as I do this is a good site for purchasing short stories.  Great for listening in the car or while you're folding the laundry or mowing the yard.  Well worth the buck and change. Check it out! 


  1. And it's such a good story. Can't wait till someone has the good sense to buy and publish your vinyl series.

  2. Oh, Margaret, from your fingertips to God's ear. Thanks for being in my corner!